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Julia Domna --AR Denarius. R: Isis nurses Horus. VM44/Pristina hoard.
Julia Domna --AE15, Bithynia. R: Garlanded, lighted altar.
Julia Domna --AR Denarius. R: Juno/peacock. Sear 1841.
Julia Domna --AE 22, Parlais. R: IVL AVG COL PARLAIS/Men with foot on bucranium holding pine cone. GIC 2434.
Julia Domna --AR Denarius. R: VENUS VICTRIX/Venus standing left.
Julia Domna --AR Denarius. R: MATER DEUM/Cybele seated left.
Julia Domna --AR Denarius. R: Vesta seated left/VESTA.
Julia Domna --AE25, Tabae. R: Tyche standing left.
Julia Domna --AE24, emisa. R: Altar of Elagabal. cf. Lindgren I, A2043A
Julia Domna --AR Antoninianius. R: Luna Lucifera riding left in a biga of horses.
Julia Domna --AR Drachm, Cappadocia. R: Mt. Argaeus surmounted by star.
Julia Domna --AR Denarius. Contemporary (ancient) imitation. IVLIA DOMINA (sic) AVG. R: Vesta seated left holding palladium and sceptre.
Julia Domna --AR Denarius. R: VESTAE SANCTAE/ Vesta standing left.
Julia Domna --AE Sestertius. R: Venus standing (seen from behind) holding branch and globe, VENERI VICT.
Julia Domna --AE24, Pogla. Obv: IOY?IA?OMNACEBACTH. Draped bust of Julia Domna right. Rev: ?OG ?EON. Distyled temple with Corinthian columns decorated with three freizes, in which stands simulacrum of Artemis of Perga, with human head surmounted by tall polos. Crescent to left, star to right. Ref: BMC 3v.
Julia Domna --AE AS. O: IVLIA PIA FELIX AVG/ Venus seated left. RIC IV 605; Cohen -
Julia Domna --AE29, Pontus, Zela. R: Zeus seated left. Ref?
Julia Domna --AE23, Markianopolis. R: The three graces.
Julia Domna --AE18, Pisidia, Antioch. R: Men standing right. SNG Cop 39.
Julia Domna --AE24, Markianopolis. R: Three 'Nymphs' holding hands. Possibly unlisted.
Julia Domna --AE16, Nikopolis ad istrum. R: Peacock standing facing. cf AMNG I, 1, p. 384, no. 1415 (Septimius), possibly unlisted combination for Domna?
Septimius Severus And Julia Domna --AE26, Markianopolis. Confronted busts of Septimius and Domna / Apollo standing left, right hand overhead, holding bow in left. Pick 598; SNG Budapest -; Varbanov 643
Annia Faustina (?) -- or Julia Domna (more likely). AE25, Lydia, Thyatira (?). Circa 1st-early 3rd Century AD. 25mm (4.61 g).Indistinct types. Countermarks: labrys and bust of Annia Faustina between [A]-F. Howgego -.
Caracalla and Julia Domna -- AE28. Markianopolis. R: Triumphal arch with four figures above. Varbanov 801/802; AMNG 579
Julia Domna -- AE22, Topirus. Obv:Draped bust right; C/M behind. Rev: Artemis moving right, holding bow and drawing arrow from quiver; dog at her feet. Ref: BMC -; CM: Uncertain letter(s) and B, in circular punch, 5 mm. Howgego -.
Septimius Severus and Julia Domna --AE36, Epiphaneia. A.D. 193/194 (year 261). Obv: Laur, dr and cuir. bust right; C/M before chin. Rev: Dr. bust of Domna right. Ref: BMC -; SNG France (2) 2399. CM: Nike adv. left (?). Howgego 259 ? (2 pcs). Note: The two pieces noted by Howgego have punches that differ in size,and Howgego notes that they may not represent one group. The id of the c/m as Nike is also uncertain.Indeed, the Nike on this specimen appears to be adv l. rather than r.
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Julius Caesar - Died 15 March 44 BC
Augustus - Emperor, 41BC to AD 14
Agrippa - Died 12BC (Son in Law to Augustus)
Tiberius - Emperor, AD 14-37
Drusus - Son of Tiberius
Germanicus - Father of Caligula, Died 19AD
Caligula - Emperor AD 37-41
Claudius - Emperor AD 41-54
Antonia - Mother of Claudius
Nero - Emperor AD 54-68
Vespasian - Emperor AD 69-79
Titus - Emperor, AD 79-81
Domitian - Emperor AD 81-96
Domitia - Wife of Domitian
Nerva - Emperor AD 96-98
Trajan - Emperor, AD 98-117
Hadrian - Emperor, AD 117-138
Sabina - Wife of Hadrian
Antoninus Pius - Emperor, AD 138-161
Faustina Sr. - Wife of Antoninus Pius
Marcus Aurelius - Emperor, AD 161-180
Faustina Jr. - Wife of Marcus Aurelius
Lucius Verus - Emperor, AD 161-166
Lucilla - Wife of Lucius Verus
Commodus - Emperor, AD 180-192
Crispina - Wife of Commodus
Septimius Severus - Emperor, AD 193-210
Julia Domna - Wife of Septimius Severus
Caracalla - Emperor, AD 211-217
Plautilla - Wife of Caracalla
Geta - Emperor, AD211-212.
Macrinus - Emperor 217-218
Diadumenian - AD 218 (Son of Macrinus)
Elagabalus - Emperor, AD 218-222
Julia Paula - Wife of Elagabalus
Aquilia Severa - Wife of Elagabalus
Annia Faustina - Wife of Elagabalus
Julia Soaemias - Mother of Elagabalus
Julia Maesa - Grandmother of Elagabalus
Severus Alexander - Emperor, AD 222-235
Orbiana - Wife of Severus Alexander
Julia Mamaea - Mother of Severus Alexander
Maximinus I - Emperor, AD 235-238
Maximus - Caesar, AE 235-238
Gordian III - Emperor, AD 238-244
Tranquillina - Wife of Gordian III
Philip I - Emperor, AD 244-249
Otacilia Severa - Wife of Philip I
Philip II - Emperor (co), AD 247-249
Trajan Decius - Emperor, AD 249-251
Hostilian - Son of Trajan Decius
Herennia Etruscilla - Wife of Trajan Decius
Trebonianus Gallus - Emperor, AD 251-253
Volusian - Son of Trebonianus Gallus
Aemilian - Emperor, AD 253
Gallienus - Emperor AD 253-268
Salonina - Wife of Gallienus
Mariniana - Wife of Valerian I
Claudius II - AD 268-270
Postumus - Emperor, AD 260-269
Aurelian - Emperor, AD 270-275
Vabalathus - (and Aurelian) AD 272
Probus - Emperor, AD 276-282
Carinus - Emperor, AD 283-285
Numerian - Emperor, AD 283-284
Diocletian - Emperor, AD 284-305
Maximinus II - Emperor, AD 305-313
Constantius I - Emperor, AD 293-306
Helena - Mother of Constantine I
Galerius - Emperor, AD 293-311
Galeria Valeria - Wife of Galerius
Maxentius - Caesar, AD 306-312
Constantine I - Emperor, AD 307-337
Fausta - Wife of Constantine I
Licinius - Emperor, AD 308-324
Crispus - Caesar, AD 317-326
Constantius II - Emperor, AD 337-361
Constantine II - Emperor, AD 337-340
Constans - Emperor, AD 337-350
Constantius Gallus - Caesar, AD 351-354
Julian II - Emperor, AD 360-363
Jovian - Emperor, AD 363-364
Gratian - Emperor, AD 367-383
Theodosius I - Emperor, AD 378-395
Arcadius - Emperor, AD 383-408
Aelia Flaccilla - Wife of Theodosius I
Magnus Maximus - Pretender under Theodosius I

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