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Gordian III --AE26. Odessus, Thrace. Gordian and Tranquillina/R: Demeter standing L w/corn ears and sceptre.
Gordian III --AE Sestertius. R: Laeticia standing with anchor. RIC300a.
Gordian III --AE25. Mesopotamia, Singara. r: Tyche right, above Sagittarius. BMC Mesopotamia P 134, 6. (ex CNG).
Gordian III --Pisidia, Antioch. AE33mm (26.73 gm). Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / Legend around ANTIOC S R COLONI. SNG von Aulock 4964 (same dies); BMC Lycia etc. pg. 195, 108.
Gordian III --Antioch. AE33mm (25.00 gm). Laureate head right / The emperor and Antiochia standing confronted on pedestals, altar between them; Gordian, at left, holds statue of the genius of the colony, and clasps Antiochia's hand, as she stands at right holding sceptre; SR in exergue. SNG Copenhagen 62
Gordian III --Bithynia, Nikomedia. AE31mm (18.87 gm). Radiate draped bust right / Veiled figure of Demeter standing facing, head left, holding torch and ears of grain; N in field left. Cf. SNG Copenhagen -; SNG von Aulock mule reverse of 817 and same obverse die as 816
Gordian III --Antioch.AE35. R: Wolf and twins R, tree to left.
Gordian III -AE25. Thrace, Mesembria, 241-4 AD, 11.95g, Possibly unpublished, Rx: Bearded Dionysus seated l. emptying cup and holding thyrsus, Very unusual reverse type of bearded and seated Dionysus, not recorded by Mouchmov, Ancient Coins of the Balkan Peninsula (in Bulgarian), for Mesembria or any other Balkan mint. Same obv die as SNG Cop-662 and Winsemann Falghera-2100. Reference:Ruzicka no. 6 from Berliner Munzblatter - Nov 1915.
Gordian III --AE26, Pella. COL IVL AV-G PELLA, Pan seated on rock left, holding branch; syrinx before. SNG Copenhagen 287; BMC Macedonia pg. 95, 44
Gordian III --AE sestertius. Head Right/Jupiter standing left, holding tbolt and sceptre/ IOVI STATORI. Cohen 116
Gordian III --AE27, Hadrianopolis. Apollo standing right, holding branch. Bow at feet, tree behind. Ref?
Gordian III --AE25, Hadrianopolis. R: God(dess?) in serpent biga. Ref?
Gordian III --AR Antoninianus. R: VIRTVS AVG. S2465.
Gordian III --AE 20x24, Deultum (Thrace). R: Zeus standing facing holding patera and sceptre, eagle at feet. Ref?
Gordian III --AE26, Gadara. R: Galley. Dated to 239/240AD. Spijkerman
Gordian III -AE22, Berytus. R: Dionysos standing facing,panther at feet, grape vines to right and left, small satyr under left arm.
Gordian III --AE25, Hadrianopolis. R: Emperor riding right on horseback. Ref?
Gordian III --AE28, Trapezus. Obv:Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right. Rev: TPAEZ OVN TIWN.ETPOE. Serapis standing facing, head turned left, right hand raised, holding staff in left hand, star in upper right field. Ref: BMC -
Gordian III -AE28, Hadrianopolis. R: Campgate,city legend around.
Gordian III --AE28, Carrhae, Mesopotamia. R: Bust of Tyche left, small figure on column before. BMC 57.
Gordian III --AE26, Temnus. R: Herakles standing left with club, lionskin and kantharos.
Gordian III and Tranquillina --AE28, Anchialus. R: Artemis standing left, bow in hand, stag at feet.
Gordian III --AE27, Anazarbus. R: Hermes standing left with purse and caduceus. Ref?
Gordian III --AE26, Tomis. R: Dioscuri seated left.
Gordian III -AE34, Tarsos. R: Herakles w/apples of Hesperides, club and lionskin.
Gordian III -AE34, Tarsos. R: Artemis R drawing bow. SNG Levante 1121, SNG VA 6052 (same dies).
Gordian III -- AE31, Magnesia ad Maeandrum. obverse AUT KMAN TGORD IANOC, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right; reverse EMRDH MONEIKOV, ram left approaching a flaming altar consisting of four stages, olive tree springs from side, MAGNHT / WN in ex. BMC 171.
Gordian III -- AE33, Cilicia, Seleukeia. Obv.: Laureate, cuirassed and draped bust right; with countermark, ?. Rev.: Aphrodite; looking at mirror; Eros with torch to left; to the right, pedestal ending in bowl, from which two doves are drinking. Lindgren/ Kovacs 1589 (same dies); for countermark: Howgego 618.
Gordian III -- AE37, Tarsus. Obv.: Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right. Rev.: Perseus standing right, holding harpa and small statue of Apollo Lyceius; before him, fisherman standing left, holding two fish and basket slung over rod. Cf. SNG Levante 1118; SNG France 1647 var.
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Julius Caesar - Died 15 March 44 BC
Augustus - Emperor, 41BC to AD 14
Agrippa - Died 12BC (Son in Law to Augustus)
Tiberius - Emperor, AD 14-37
Drusus - Son of Tiberius
Germanicus - Father of Caligula, Died 19AD
Caligula - Emperor AD 37-41
Claudius - Emperor AD 41-54
Antonia - Mother of Claudius
Nero - Emperor AD 54-68
Vespasian - Emperor AD 69-79
Titus - Emperor, AD 79-81
Domitian - Emperor AD 81-96
Domitia - Wife of Domitian
Nerva - Emperor AD 96-98
Trajan - Emperor, AD 98-117
Hadrian - Emperor, AD 117-138
Sabina - Wife of Hadrian
Antoninus Pius - Emperor, AD 138-161
Faustina Sr. - Wife of Antoninus Pius
Marcus Aurelius - Emperor, AD 161-180
Faustina Jr. - Wife of Marcus Aurelius
Lucius Verus - Emperor, AD 161-166
Lucilla - Wife of Lucius Verus
Commodus - Emperor, AD 180-192
Crispina - Wife of Commodus
Septimius Severus - Emperor, AD 193-210
Julia Domna - Wife of Septimius Severus
Caracalla - Emperor, AD 211-217
Plautilla - Wife of Caracalla
Geta - Emperor, AD211-212.
Macrinus - Emperor 217-218
Diadumenian - AD 218 (Son of Macrinus)
Elagabalus - Emperor, AD 218-222
Julia Paula - Wife of Elagabalus
Aquilia Severa - Wife of Elagabalus
Annia Faustina - Wife of Elagabalus
Julia Soaemias - Mother of Elagabalus
Julia Maesa - Grandmother of Elagabalus
Severus Alexander - Emperor, AD 222-235
Orbiana - Wife of Severus Alexander
Julia Mamaea - Mother of Severus Alexander
Maximinus I - Emperor, AD 235-238
Maximus - Caesar, AE 235-238
Gordian III - Emperor, AD 238-244
Tranquillina - Wife of Gordian III
Philip I - Emperor, AD 244-249
Otacilia Severa - Wife of Philip I
Philip II - Emperor (co), AD 247-249
Trajan Decius - Emperor, AD 249-251
Hostilian - Son of Trajan Decius
Herennia Etruscilla - Wife of Trajan Decius
Trebonianus Gallus - Emperor, AD 251-253
Volusian - Son of Trebonianus Gallus
Aemilian - Emperor, AD 253
Gallienus - Emperor AD 253-268
Salonina - Wife of Gallienus
Mariniana - Wife of Valerian I
Claudius II - AD 268-270
Postumus - Emperor, AD 260-269
Aurelian - Emperor, AD 270-275
Vabalathus - (and Aurelian) AD 272
Probus - Emperor, AD 276-282
Carinus - Emperor, AD 283-285
Numerian - Emperor, AD 283-284
Diocletian - Emperor, AD 284-305
Maximinus II - Emperor, AD 305-313
Constantius I - Emperor, AD 293-306
Helena - Mother of Constantine I
Galerius - Emperor, AD 293-311
Galeria Valeria - Wife of Galerius
Maxentius - Caesar, AD 306-312
Constantine I - Emperor, AD 307-337
Fausta - Wife of Constantine I
Licinius - Emperor, AD 308-324
Crispus - Caesar, AD 317-326
Constantius II - Emperor, AD 337-361
Constantine II - Emperor, AD 337-340
Constans - Emperor, AD 337-350
Constantius Gallus - Caesar, AD 351-354
Julian II - Emperor, AD 360-363
Jovian - Emperor, AD 363-364
Gratian - Emperor, AD 367-383
Theodosius I - Emperor, AD 378-395
Arcadius - Emperor, AD 383-408
Aelia Flaccilla - Wife of Theodosius I
Magnus Maximus - Pretender under Theodosius I

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