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Caracalla --AE32 Ancyra, Galatia. R: Tyche? seated L holding anchor.
Caracalla --Pisidia, Antioch. Ĉ 34mm (28.52 gm). IMP CAES M AVR ANTONINVS AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Caracalla right / COL CAES ANTIOCH, S R across field, Mên standing facing, head right, holding long sceptre and Nike on globe. Krzyzanowska pl. XXII, XXVII.
Caracalla --AE26. Nikopolis. R: Bound Parthian captives at foot of trophy.
Caracalla --AE30. Tyana, Cappadocia. R: Askliepos and Hygeia.
Caracalla --AE16, Nikopolis. R: Eight pointed star with radiance. Moushmov 1097.
Caracalla --AE18, Bizya. r: Bull walking right. GIC 2480.
Caracalla --AE28, Nikopolis Ad Mestum. R: Tyche.
Caracalla --AE heavy sestertius (34mm,28gm). R: Mars advancing left.
Caracalla --AE 28. Anchialus, Thrace. R: Urn on table, Palm on either side. Variation of BMC 3,85,13.
Caracalla and Septimius Severus --AE23, Aradus. R: Temple of Astarte. BMC 124
Caracalla --AE17. Trajanopolis. Star/Crescent.
Caracalla and Geta --AE26, Markianopolis. R: Tyche left. Pick 652.
Caracalla --AE17, Trajanopolis. R: Basket or prize urn.
Caracalla --AE28, Pautalia. R: Soldier, Trophy and two captives (Parthian?)
Caracalla --AE 26 mm, Nikopolis ad Istrum, Moesia Inferior, 10.51gms, Obv: Youthful draped, cuir and laureate bust right, Rev: Nike standing left, hold wreath in right, left rests on column
Caracalla --AE19. Coele, Thrace. R: AEL. MIVNCIP. COEL., prow, cornucopiae above. BMC-; SNG Cop. -;
Caracalla --AE 18, Heliopolis. COL HEL, Hermes standing facing, head left, holding caduceus. SNG Copenhagen 430; BMC Galatia, etc. -; Lindgren I A2162a
Caracalla --AE 25, Markianopolis. R: Eagle standing front with head left, holding wreath.
Caracalla --AE30, Plotinopolis. Head right/ Hygeia standing right holding snake and patera.
Caracalla --AR Tetradrachm, Carrhae. R: Crescent beneath eagle. Prieur 830, Bellinger 159.
Caracalla --AE27, Anchialus, Thrace. R: Tyche standing left with rudder/cornucopia.
Caracalla --AE30, Sardis, Lydia. R: Tyche standing left. SNG Aulock 3161 (same obverse die)
Caracalla --AR Denarius. R: ADVENT AVGG, Galley with three rowers left. RIC 120.
Caracalla --AE28, Stobi. R: Quadriga right, city legend below. Ref?
Caracalla --AR Denarius. R: Caracalla on horse right, holding spear, captive at feet, PROF Below. RIC 108.
Caracalla --AR Denarius. R: PM TRP XVII COS IIII PP. Caracalla standing left holding branch and short baton. Cohen 247.
Caracalla --AE28, Nikopolis Ad Istrum. R: Nike in biga right, holding palm.
Caracalla --AE32, Augusta Trajana. R: Temple of Diana, tree on each side. cf. SNG Evelpedis 1037
Caracalla --AE27, Petra (Arabia). Distyle temple, City goddess within. Ros. 28.
Caracalla --AE32, Serdica. R: City goddess standing left. Ref?
Caracalla --AE30, Serdica. R: City legend within wreath.
Caracalla --AE32, Pautalia. R:Zeus standing left holding sceptre and tbolt.
Caracalla --AE26, Nikopolis ad istrum. R: Triumphal procession with parthian captives and trophy.
Caracalla --Byblus (Phoenicia). R: Isis Pharia standing right on raft holding sail. cf Lindgren 2280 (for Commodus)
Caracalla --AE24, Alexandria Troas. R: COL ALEXAND AVG/Emperor on horseback left.
Plautilla --AR Denarius. R: PROPAGO IMPERI, Caracalla and Plautilla facing. Cohen 21.
Caracalla --AE25, Perinthos. R: Artemis standing right holding torch and bow, hound at feet.
Caracalla --AE29, Attaea (Mysia). R: Hero standing right with foot on rock to the L of Zeus. GIC 2528.
Caracalla --AE28, Emisa. R: Stone of Emisa in six columned temple.
Caracalla --AE30, Emisa. R: Stone of Emisa in six columned temple, crescent moon above. Lindren AML A2044A
Caracalla [Geta] --AE36, Stratoniceia. Bust of Caracalla on left facing erased bust of Geta on right (Damnatio). R: Hecate standing left holding patera and torch. NISC - Ref?
Caracalla --AE27, Alabanda (Caria). R: Lyre. BMC43
Caracalla --AE23, Phoenicia. R: Neptune in chariot of hippocamps. SGIC 2671.
Caracalla --AE31, Augusta Trajana. R:City-gate with closed doors, flanked by two battlemented towers, a third tower rising from the center. Ref: Sear 2491v; BMC 11 (Trajanopolis); Moushmov 3045v
Caracalla --AE29, Serdica. R: Eros and Psyche (?) embracing. Moushmov 4849 (?)
Caracalla --AR Denarius. ANTONINVS PIVS AVG GERM/PM TRP XVIII, COS IIII PP, Fides standing left holding two standards.
Caracalla --AE28, Herakleia Pontika. R: Hercules and the Cretan bull.
Caracalla --AE28, Stobi. R: Nike striding left holding wreath.
Septimius Severus --AE (Limes) Aureus. Struck circa 202 AD. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Septimius Severus right / Facing draped bust of Julia Domna; Caracalla on left facing right, laureate and draped; Geta on right facing left, bare headed, draped and cuirassed. RIC IV 181c; BMCRE 380 note; RSC 6.
Caracalla -- AE30, Augusta Traiana. R: Emperor standing left with sceptre being crowned by Nike.
Caracalla --AE33, Tarsos. R: Triumphal arch. cf SNG Levante 1045.
Elagabalus or Caracalla --AE32. Possibly Pamphylia? R: Two female dieties facing. Anyone have an idea? :)
Caracalla -- AE25, Nikaea. R: Caracalla and Geta standing facing, diety to right. SNG von Aulock 590
Caracalla --AE24, Peltae. R: Tyche standing left.
Caracalla --AE27, Augusta Trajana. R: Hermes standing left.
Caracalla --AE27, Hadrianopolis. R: Herakles catching the Cerynean hind. cf Lischine Collection, 441 (different obverse type)
Caracalla --AE27, Augusta Traiana -- River god seated left, citygate on hill behind. MM 3069
Caracalla --AE34, Sardes in Alliance with Ephesos. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind / Kore of Sardes with grain ears and poppy, Artemis of Ephesos wth stags. BMC Lydia pg. 276, 215-216; Frank-Nolle 1848-1851 var. This obverse die (die A) is not recorded by Franke-Nolle as being paired with this reverse type, and this reverse die is not recorded.
Caracalla --AE29, Nikopolis ad Mestum. R: Sol standing right.
Caracalla --AE30, Pautalia, Thrace. R: Satyr inviting Nymph to dance. Apparently unlisted for Caracalla, similar type for Septimius Severus listed as Ruzicka, Muenzen von Pautalia, no. 362.
Caracalla --AE22, emisa. R: Eagle standing on stone of emisa, head left.
Caracalla -- AE30, Tarsos. R: Caracalla wearing wreath and robes of the demiourgos, facing temple and victimarius swinging an ax to slay a sacrificial bull. SNG Levante -, SNG Paris - , SNG Aulock -, SNG Righetti -, Ziegler -. Possibly unpublished? Thanks to Curtis Clay for references.
Caracalla --AE29, Mopsus,Cilicia. Dated year 265 = 198 AD, [AVT KAI M] AYP AN[TWNEINOC] Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right. / Legend worn. Wreath on the back of mule pacing left, date in exergue. SNG Levante 1344; SNG VA 5744; SNG France 1987
Caracalla --AE32, Hierapolis-Kastabala. Cuirassed and draped bust r. AVT KAI MAP AVPH ANTUNEINOC. Rev.: IEPOITEOY KACTABALEUN], Caracalla and Septimius Severus facing each other hands clasped. Cf. SNG von Aulock 5578 (obverse laureate bust); SNG Paris 2240 (same die, but with laureate wreath added to die after this coin was struck!).
Caracalla --AE32, Cilicia, Diokaisarea. Obv.: Laureate bust of Caracalla, eagle & T-bolt countermarks. Rev.: Athena, riding quadriga, holding thunderbolt and snake-fringed shield. SNG Levante 673 (same eagle-countermark, same dies but not the thunderbolt-countermark); Howgego 337 (for same two countermarks on one coin).
Caracalla --AE30, ILLYRIA, Apollonia. R: Temple of 7 cols, altar to r, Nike r above altar.. BMC-; Evel-; SGI-; SNG Dan-; Sim BMC 89 (J. Domna); L-.
Caracalla --AE29, Philippopolis. R: Zeus standing left w/tbolt and sceptre.
Caracalla --AE Dupondius. R: Radiate, draped bust right / Mars standing, holding Victory, hand on shield, spear at l. side, captive at feet. RIC 528a; Cohen 259
Caracalla --AE24, Timbriada (Pisidia). R: Distyle temple w/Tyche of Timbriada. Von Aulock 5373.
Caracalla and Julia Domna -- AE28. Markianopolis. R: Triumphal arch with four figures above. Varbanov 801/802; AMNG 579
Caracalla --AE24, Topirus. R: Herakles seated on rock, holding club. BMC6.
Caracalla -- AE17, Trajanopolis. R: Eros riding right on dolphin.
Caracalla -- AE31mm, Philippopolis. Laureate head right / Nude boxer standing right, PU-QI-A across field. SNG Copenhagen -; BMC -; Varbanov 1278
Caracalla -- AE26 (10.57gm), Bithynia, Juliopolis. R: Tyche standing, holding rudder and cornucopiae. Wadd. Rec 24. (Found by detectorist in Leiden, Netherlands)
Caracalla -- AE19. Mysia, Parium. R: PARIVM, Artemis advancing right holding two torches. SNG France 5, -; SNG Copenhagen -; SNG von Aulock -; BMC -; SNG Tübingen -; SNG Österreich -; Lindgren/ Kovacs -; Lindgren III -
Caracalla -- AE27, Nikaea, Bithynia. O: Laureate head R. R: Geta standing left holding patera and eagle tipped sceptre. COP -, BMC -, Weber - , Grosse -.
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Julius Caesar - Died 15 March 44 BC
Augustus - Emperor, 41BC to AD 14
Agrippa - Died 12BC (Son in Law to Augustus)
Tiberius - Emperor, AD 14-37
Drusus - Son of Tiberius
Germanicus - Father of Caligula, Died 19AD
Caligula - Emperor AD 37-41
Claudius - Emperor AD 41-54
Antonia - Mother of Claudius
Nero - Emperor AD 54-68
Vespasian - Emperor AD 69-79
Titus - Emperor, AD 79-81
Domitian - Emperor AD 81-96
Domitia - Wife of Domitian
Nerva - Emperor AD 96-98
Trajan - Emperor, AD 98-117
Hadrian - Emperor, AD 117-138
Sabina - Wife of Hadrian
Antoninus Pius - Emperor, AD 138-161
Faustina Sr. - Wife of Antoninus Pius
Marcus Aurelius - Emperor, AD 161-180
Faustina Jr. - Wife of Marcus Aurelius
Lucius Verus - Emperor, AD 161-166
Lucilla - Wife of Lucius Verus
Commodus - Emperor, AD 180-192
Crispina - Wife of Commodus
Septimius Severus - Emperor, AD 193-210
Julia Domna - Wife of Septimius Severus
Caracalla - Emperor, AD 211-217
Plautilla - Wife of Caracalla
Geta - Emperor, AD211-212.
Macrinus - Emperor 217-218
Diadumenian - AD 218 (Son of Macrinus)
Elagabalus - Emperor, AD 218-222
Julia Paula - Wife of Elagabalus
Aquilia Severa - Wife of Elagabalus
Annia Faustina - Wife of Elagabalus
Julia Soaemias - Mother of Elagabalus
Julia Maesa - Grandmother of Elagabalus
Severus Alexander - Emperor, AD 222-235
Orbiana - Wife of Severus Alexander
Julia Mamaea - Mother of Severus Alexander
Maximinus I - Emperor, AD 235-238
Maximus - Caesar, AE 235-238
Gordian III - Emperor, AD 238-244
Tranquillina - Wife of Gordian III
Philip I - Emperor, AD 244-249
Otacilia Severa - Wife of Philip I
Philip II - Emperor (co), AD 247-249
Trajan Decius - Emperor, AD 249-251
Hostilian - Son of Trajan Decius
Herennia Etruscilla - Wife of Trajan Decius
Trebonianus Gallus - Emperor, AD 251-253
Volusian - Son of Trebonianus Gallus
Aemilian - Emperor, AD 253
Gallienus - Emperor AD 253-268
Salonina - Wife of Gallienus
Mariniana - Wife of Valerian I
Claudius II - AD 268-270
Postumus - Emperor, AD 260-269
Aurelian - Emperor, AD 270-275
Vabalathus - (and Aurelian) AD 272
Probus - Emperor, AD 276-282
Carinus - Emperor, AD 283-285
Numerian - Emperor, AD 283-284
Diocletian - Emperor, AD 284-305
Maximinus II - Emperor, AD 305-313
Constantius I - Emperor, AD 293-306
Helena - Mother of Constantine I
Galerius - Emperor, AD 293-311
Galeria Valeria - Wife of Galerius
Maxentius - Caesar, AD 306-312
Constantine I - Emperor, AD 307-337
Fausta - Wife of Constantine I
Licinius - Emperor, AD 308-324
Crispus - Caesar, AD 317-326
Constantius II - Emperor, AD 337-361
Constantine II - Emperor, AD 337-340
Constans - Emperor, AD 337-350
Constantius Gallus - Caesar, AD 351-354
Julian II - Emperor, AD 360-363
Jovian - Emperor, AD 363-364
Gratian - Emperor, AD 367-383
Theodosius I - Emperor, AD 378-395
Arcadius - Emperor, AD 383-408
Aelia Flaccilla - Wife of Theodosius I
Magnus Maximus - Pretender under Theodosius I

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