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Augustus --AE29. Castulo, Spain. R: Helmeted Sphinx advancing right, Star before. SGI 15.
Augustus --AE AS. O: IMP DIVI F/Heads of Agrippa to left, Augustus to R. R: Palm Shoot behind crocodile.
Augustus --AE27. Corduba/Colonia Patricia. R: Colonia Patricia in wreath. SGI16.
Augustus --AE20. Amphipolis, Macedon. R: Artemis on galloping bull.
Augustus --AE19. Philippi. VIC/AVG to either side of Victory. R: COHOR PRAE PHIL, three standards.
Augustus and Livia --AE32. Romula, Spain. Augustus right, star above/Livia left, moon above. RPC73
Augustus ---AE24, Thrace. Diad. Bare hd. of Augustus r./Rev. Conjoined busts r. of Rhoemetalkes, diad., and his Queen dr.
Augustus --AR quinarius. Bare head right / Victory standing left on cista mystica flanked by two serpents. RIC I 276
Augustus --AE22, Amphipolis, Macedon. R: Artemis on galloping bull.
Agrippa --AE 25 of Nemausus (Halved). Head of Agrippa L-[Head of Augustus R]/Crocodile chained to palm. RIC 155
Augustus --AR fourree denarius. Head of Octavian/ Temple (Curia Julia?) with colonnaded base. RIC-266.
Augustus --AR Denarius. Uncertain Spanish mint. Circa 18 BC. Roman eagle, consular, and wreath / Slow guadriga ornamented with one Victory and palmette design. RIC 99; BMCRE 399; RSC 78b
Augustus --AE AS. CAESAR PONT MAX Laureate head right. ROM ET AVG Altar of Lugdunum. RIC I, 230
Augustus (Octavian 30-29BC ) -- AR Denarius. Bare head right /Triumphal arch with IMP CAESAR on architrave, surmounted by quadriga bearing Octavian. RIC I 267; Sear CRI 481; Sear RCV 1558; RSC 123.
Augustus (Octavian) -- AR Denarius. R: Herm on tbolt, IMP CAESAR. RIC269.
Augustus --AE25, Julia Traducta. R: IVLIA TRAD. RPC I 108.
Augustus -- AR Cistophoric Tetradrachm, Ephesus. R: AVGVSTVS; Garlanded altar of Diana (Artemis) with bas-reliefs of two confronted hinds. RIC 482, RSC 33, Sear 1587.
Augustus -- AR Plated Denarius. minted at either Colonia Patricia or Nemausus 19 BC and later. Laureate head of Augustus right. / Shield between two laurel branches. SME 1602, RSC 51. Ancient counterfeit.
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Julius Caesar - Died 15 March 44 BC
Augustus - Emperor, 41BC to AD 14
Agrippa - Died 12BC (Son in Law to Augustus)
Tiberius - Emperor, AD 14-37
Drusus - Son of Tiberius
Germanicus - Father of Caligula, Died 19AD
Caligula - Emperor AD 37-41
Claudius - Emperor AD 41-54
Antonia - Mother of Claudius
Nero - Emperor AD 54-68
Vespasian - Emperor AD 69-79
Titus - Emperor, AD 79-81
Domitian - Emperor AD 81-96
Domitia - Wife of Domitian
Nerva - Emperor AD 96-98
Trajan - Emperor, AD 98-117
Hadrian - Emperor, AD 117-138
Sabina - Wife of Hadrian
Antoninus Pius - Emperor, AD 138-161
Faustina Sr. - Wife of Antoninus Pius
Marcus Aurelius - Emperor, AD 161-180
Faustina Jr. - Wife of Marcus Aurelius
Lucius Verus - Emperor, AD 161-166
Lucilla - Wife of Lucius Verus
Commodus - Emperor, AD 180-192
Crispina - Wife of Commodus
Septimius Severus - Emperor, AD 193-210
Julia Domna - Wife of Septimius Severus
Caracalla - Emperor, AD 211-217
Plautilla - Wife of Caracalla
Geta - Emperor, AD211-212.
Macrinus - Emperor 217-218
Diadumenian - AD 218 (Son of Macrinus)
Elagabalus - Emperor, AD 218-222
Julia Paula - Wife of Elagabalus
Aquilia Severa - Wife of Elagabalus
Annia Faustina - Wife of Elagabalus
Julia Soaemias - Mother of Elagabalus
Julia Maesa - Grandmother of Elagabalus
Severus Alexander - Emperor, AD 222-235
Orbiana - Wife of Severus Alexander
Julia Mamaea - Mother of Severus Alexander
Maximinus I - Emperor, AD 235-238
Maximus - Caesar, AE 235-238
Gordian III - Emperor, AD 238-244
Tranquillina - Wife of Gordian III
Philip I - Emperor, AD 244-249
Otacilia Severa - Wife of Philip I
Philip II - Emperor (co), AD 247-249
Trajan Decius - Emperor, AD 249-251
Hostilian - Son of Trajan Decius
Herennia Etruscilla - Wife of Trajan Decius
Trebonianus Gallus - Emperor, AD 251-253
Volusian - Son of Trebonianus Gallus
Aemilian - Emperor, AD 253
Gallienus - Emperor AD 253-268
Salonina - Wife of Gallienus
Mariniana - Wife of Valerian I
Claudius II - AD 268-270
Postumus - Emperor, AD 260-269
Aurelian - Emperor, AD 270-275
Vabalathus - (and Aurelian) AD 272
Probus - Emperor, AD 276-282
Carinus - Emperor, AD 283-285
Numerian - Emperor, AD 283-284
Diocletian - Emperor, AD 284-305
Maximinus II - Emperor, AD 305-313
Constantius I - Emperor, AD 293-306
Helena - Mother of Constantine I
Galerius - Emperor, AD 293-311
Galeria Valeria - Wife of Galerius
Maxentius - Caesar, AD 306-312
Constantine I - Emperor, AD 307-337
Fausta - Wife of Constantine I
Licinius - Emperor, AD 308-324
Crispus - Caesar, AD 317-326
Constantius II - Emperor, AD 337-361
Constantine II - Emperor, AD 337-340
Constans - Emperor, AD 337-350
Constantius Gallus - Caesar, AD 351-354
Julian II - Emperor, AD 360-363
Jovian - Emperor, AD 363-364
Gratian - Emperor, AD 367-383
Theodosius I - Emperor, AD 378-395
Arcadius - Emperor, AD 383-408
Aelia Flaccilla - Wife of Theodosius I
Magnus Maximus - Pretender under Theodosius I

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